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Past, Present, and Future

Executive Director

Isaac "Ike" LaFontaine

Throughout the 1970's and 80's Ike and his family, (Dad, Mom, two older siblings and eventually, one little sister) traveled all over the United States and Canada ministering in Word and song.


The LaFontaine’s paid little attention to the sign on the churches they visited, If the invitation was open, they went. The LaFontaines were preaching and singing about Jesus and leading people to a closer relationship with Him. 


In 1978 the LaFontaines recorded their first album, “Thank You Lord.” Over the next three decades the family has produced more than 20 albums and Ike has gone on to produce albums, songs, jingles, television and radio shows for more than 100 artists and companies around the world.


In 1999 Ike won the prestigious Telly Award for composing a commercial jingle for the popular "Jet Express" ferries in Lake Erie. Since then he has been called on to create audio branding and jingles for companies all over the world. Ike continues to write and produce jingles and produce albums for various artists. Other than the jingles he produces Ike only plays and produces Christian music. Mr. LaFontaine was twice nominated for 20 under 40 awards as a business leader in his community. 


He has been offered opportunities to tour with and produce for Jazz, Pop, Rock, Hop Hop, R&B and Country artist but has felt called to keep his gift of music "sanctified."


“I feel like He (God) deserves all of me. In addition to salvation, God gave me many things, including my gift of music and a Great Commission to spread the Gospel. Why wouldn't I just use one to help accomplish the other?”


Ike is committed to making every effort to reach people for Christ.


"My grandmother, Nora, would end all of her prayers with this statement that has become my personal mission," "Pray that I will be about my Father’s business."

In January of 2017 Ike helped launched LaFontaine Foundation. A non-profit organization dedicated to providing musical instruments and training to churches and schools in the Philippines. We are also helping to strengthen churches by providing audio/visual services and training in the ministry of "Helps."

Some of Ike's Projects

Albums worked on or produced

Amy Nicole Hancock,  CD

Ann Arbor Gospel Choir Live, Live Recording

Art Bishop

Ashton Crook (2 CD projects)

The Burdettes Live

Charity Tabernacle Choir Live (2 Live CD projects)

Diane Terry

The Difference

Duane Jackson

First Creation

Henry VanWyk

Holy Toledo Gospel Celebration

Influence (2 CD Projects)

Isaiah Brooks Live CD’s and DVD’s (4 CD Projects)

The LaFontaines (20+ CD Projects)

The LaFontaine Children’s Recordings (2 CD Projects)

Lindsey Gilreath

Mom and Pop LaFontaine

Paula Jones

Paula Wallace

Rick Isaiah CD’s and DVD’s (2 CD/DVD Projects)

Sacred Steel Guitar Hall of Fame Showcase Concert CD’s and DVD’s (6 CD/DVD Projects)

Sheri LaFontaine (4 CD Projects)

The Toney Brothers Live CD and DVD

The Singing Weavers Live CD and DVD

Bethany Lawson

Yokabed Anne Peters

And many others...





Aire Tight

American Roadhouse

Appliance Center


The Blarney

Brondes Ford

Buckeye Cable

Buckeye Community Health


Carol Okes Fine Jewelry

CF Burger Creamery

Claudia’s Health Foods

Cosmetic and Family Dental Studios

Cousinos Construction

Diversified 4 Wheel Drive

Frankel Dental Studios

Genoa Ford

Harley Davidson

Jet Express

Joseph’s Beverage Center

Johnny’s Lunch

LaRiche Chevrolet and Cadillac

Leo Marks Fine Jewelry

Toledo Zoo


Proclaim Radio (WPOS ID Jingle)

Quality Overhead Door

R&B Car Company

Runaway Beach Club and Resort


Ski’s Polish Food

Student’s SOS

Starving Students Delivery Service

University Honda

Tire Man

Festival Of Lights


Radio Show Production

Broken Silence

The Ike & Sheri Show

The Senior Bodyguard Show


Theater, Film, and Television

Maria (Feature Film)

Audio and audio post, Foley, Composed Original Score


Daniel’s Dream (Animated Short)

Audio and 5.1 audio post, Foley, Original Score


When Life Hurts (Musical Stage Play)

Audio and audio post, Official Soundtrack CD, DVD


When A Man Wants To Live Right (Musical Stage Play) Audio and audio post


Kidz Dayz Live (Musical Stage Plays)


Paul and Sal

Forgotten Island

Secret Agents


The Best of Sacred Steel (Television show)

Audio and audio post.

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